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Celebrating all facets of the animal health industry



a group or system of interconnected people or things aligned for one cause in one community


The front door for the animal health industry


The Global Animal Health Network is a community built channel to interact with all the players in the animal health industry across the world. The physical limitations of networking have been challenged and shown there is a distinct need for a central platforms that is accessible to all. 

The Global Animal Health Network (GAHN) will act as the metaphorical doorstep for those who want information, access, and connections across the industry regardless of location, title, degrees, or revenues. Too long our community has been segmented focusing on key portions of the industry such as large pharmaceutical manufacturing, contract research organizations, veterinarians, or research scientists with no central repository that represents all facets of the diverse ecosystem that makes up the animal health industry. From pet wearable startups, to insect protein growers, aquaculture nutrition, to recent animal science graduates; we aim to bridge the divide.


For those who are new to the industry, welcome in, and for those who are veterans of the industry, welcome home.



GAHN will champion, connect, and celebrate all facets of the animal health sector, from startups to large corporates and everything in between


To transverse geographical boundaries so international partnerships can easily be found, developed and expanded where expertise is not tied to physical location 


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To represent and showcase the diverse people, innovations, services, technologies and species that have revolutionized the traditional animal health industry into the booming community it is today



promote trailblazing innovations

To facilitate collaboration with network channels, workshops, seminars, incubators, industry wide events, and informational literature where students, farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs, veterinarians, and investors can join forces in advancing solutions for animal health


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To demolish the outdated ivory tower of networking and foster inclusivity by giving everyone, from consultants to veterinary students, access to information about industry news and a resource-rich library of animal health content, people, and expertise




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Learn from our experts! Our community is always advertising events and offering workshops to help you explore opportunities within the industry.

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Find out who's who in the animal health zoo! Become a member today and search our global directoy. Whether you are looking to network or find help with a project, our members are the industry's experts!

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GAHN in 5 minutes: Dr. Deborah Thomson One Health Expert

GAHN in 5 minutes: Dr. Deborah Thomson One Health Expert A story for veterinarians! Overcoming adversity and embracing change! Today, we will be visiting with a veterinarian turned one health expert, Dr. Deborah Thomson, all the way from Washington, DC, who shares with us how a chance teaching job at a middle school catapulted her as a one health key opinion later on Capitol Hill. Through her experience, she is now enabling and impacting hundreds of others by creating One Health curriculum plans and outlining her ‘lessons learned’ in her book The Art of Science Communication; sharing knowledge with students, the public and policy makers. Her story just goes to show that a veterinarian's work is not done just inside the clinic but also has the ability to mold the future of the next generation decision makers and the animal health industry. Dr. Thomson shares with us the importance of taking rejection and transforming it into opportunities. In fact, it was the gap in between her veterinary education that propelled her into teaching and creating curriculum focused around making science approachable and digestible for all ages. Taking these learnings, she put together One Health programs that are now being taught all over the world through One Health ambassadors. Equally as impressive, Dr. Thomson went through a rigorous application process and was hand selected as the sole veterinary representative to serve in a Congressional Fellowship on Capital Hill. Here, Dr. Thomson honed her science communication skills to speak to broader audience with a real-world impact; helping to craft, navigate, advise, discuss and implement legislations around One Health. Dr. Thomson has condensed her wide skills and expertise into a simple to use hand-guide for STEM representatives on communicating science in an effective manner; something we can all agree was highlighted and desperately needed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional information about Dr. Deborah Thomson or other movers and shakers in the industry, reach out to the Global Animal Health Network at info@gahnetwork. Want to hear more? For the full interview listen to our Pawd Cast: Dr. Deb Thomson Details: Deborah Thomson, DVM, Author
GAHN in 5 Minutes: Immunotherapy for Pets

GAHN in 5 Minutes: Immunotherapy for Pets A story for startups! A veterinarian transforming human health treatments for animals! Today we will be conducting our first in person interview all the way in Osterode, Germany. We took all the precautionary measures to ensure safety and are excited to share our visit with a father and son team, who are giving pet owners hope and options after their pet receives a cancer diagnosis. After years of seeing his patients have limited choices in cancer treatments, this veterinarian set out to create a 100% biological alternative that uses the pet’s own immune system to fight off the cancer cells. Their story just goes to show that innovation in patient care and cancer treatment, can lead to new scientific developments in the animal health industry. PetBioCell is a German startup that has taken the innovative use of dendritic cells in human health and transformed them into an animal health success story. Dr. Thomas Grammel and his son, Simon Grammel, have taken this next generation solution and built out an impressive offering for pets with a cancer diagnosis. The core basis of their technology is taking a small collection of an animal’s blood and through use of their scientifically detailed process and laboratory, transforming an animal’s white blood cells into dendritic cells. Dendritic cells have the unique ability to detect foreign or damaged cell structures, such as cancer cells, and present those damages cells to the pet’s immune system; essentially harnessing the pet’s own immune system in fighting the cancerous cells. For horse owners, this is extremely helpful as the equine vet can collect the blood samples of the horse stall-side and request a courier to come out to the barn for shipping, an option not currently available for many other cancer treatments. After the blood is collected and sent to PetBioCell’s laboratory, it takes a few days for the team to transform the cells into dendritic cells. This is done in their start of the art, GMP compliant sterile laboratory they have on site. Dendritic cells are naturally very hard to work with and so, this company’s secret sauce is the process they have to take these average cells and turn them into cancer fighting machines. After the blood is processed, it shipped back the veterinarian where they administer the treatment to the pet. To date, the company has helped thousands of pets fight off a cancer diagnosis and has improved quality of life for pets and pet owners. For additional information about PetBioCell or other movers and shakers in the industry, reach out to the Global Animal Health Network at info@gahnetwork. Want to hear more? For the full interview listen to our Pawd Cast: PetBioCell Contacts Details: Simon Grammel, CEO
GAHN in 5 Minutes: Micron Agritech Pen-Side Diagnostics for Cattle

GAHN in 5 Minutes: Micron Agritech Pen-Side Diagnostics for Cattle A story for startups! Fundraising in the middle of a pandemic! Sean Smith is an industrial and product design student from Dublin, Ireland, who, together with three of his university colleagues, came up with an idea for a college class that quickly graduated into a real business. These four tech gurus stumbled into an animal health startup that gained the attention and funding of the Yield Lab and Enterprise Ireland. His story just goes to show that innovation within academia can be spun out into an entrepreneurial endeavor in animal health industry. Micron Agritech is an Irish startup developing a portable, pen-side diagnostic kit for parasite detection in production animals with their first product launch targeting cattle. The core of their technology is machine learning based and has been developed to be extremely user friendly and equipment light though the use of image capture with a smart phone camera. Although addressing big challenges in the animal health industry, the startup says they are a ‘tech company in agriculture’. Using Micron Agritech’s kit and sample collection slides, a farmer or veterinarian takes pictures of fecal samples using a smart phone. The images are then sent, scanned, and analyzed within minutes, providing the evidence needed to make quick, informed decisions about identifying parasites and treating infected cattle. The startup also achieved a milestone that not many small companies were able to successfully do during the height of 2020: fundraise. Sean and his team are on a mission to field trial their diagnostic technology with farmers, scale up production, and prepare themselves for a series A raise by the beginning of next year. For additional information about Micron Agritech or other movers and shakers in the industry, reach out to the Global Animal Health Network at info@gahnetwork. Want to hear more? For the full interview listen to our Pawd Cast: Micron Agritech Contacts Details: Sean Smith, Founder and Director

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